The story of Arcadia

Whilst I prepare for a longer post that isn’t mostly cut-and-paste, here is more on the story of Arcadia. This is how White Wolf advertised Arcadia on their website in 1996 (which, sadly, is not captured by, but which a kind person preserved here). It gives a lot of information about the story arc of Arcadia, and caught my attention in 1996 for reasons that should be obvious once I get to write my next post.

Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt

The Changeling Adventure Card Game

This July a new adventure begins in a realm more fantastic than anything ever before conceived. Fantasy has never been this extreme. Arcadia, the forgotten home of the changelings, was once a Utopia where dreams lived and the fantastic was commonplace. The high king united all of the kingdoms from his mountain fortress of Skyeholm. Peace reigned—until the Darkening.

Dark clouds gathered around Skyeholm that day and have remained ever since. High King Ardlanth and all the subjects of his land have been frozen into marble statues. His kingdom has been closed since that day, and none who have traveled there have been heard from since. Protected on all sides by three loyal vassal kingdoms, Skyeholm is virtually inaccessible. Now the kingdoms of Arcadia feud with one another. Only one seems powerful enough to  restore peace: Middlemarch.

Mad King Ironheart of Middlemarch has been expanding his evil realm of machines and gathering his power. With the blood and tears of thousands of slaves, King Ironheart aspires to build a tower palace that exceeds even Skyeholm’s—a tower of Babel. Soon, Middlemarch will be the new center of Arcadia and Ironheart the new high  king.

Ironheart had but one rival, Lord Gamine of Ardenmore. One month ago, Lord Gamine journeyed to the Sibylline  Swamps to consult the Oracle of Thoan. He has not returned. Ardenmore has been managed by an age-worn regent, a loyal knight of Lord Gamine’s father. Erroneous at best, the regent’s judgment has left Ardenmore vulnerable to many would-be conquerors. This may well be the death knell for the Arcadia of beauty and peace, and the dawn of a new era based on the nightmares of the modern world.

The Wyld Hunt takes place in Ardenmore, the Ancient Kingdom. Heroes quest to learn the truth behind Lord Gamine’s disappearance and struggle to protect the kingdom from its enemies. On the way, they will make some frightening discoveries and uncover the truth behind the high king’s demise. Once the prince is found and the truth is known the adventure truly begins.

The adventure continues with King Ironheart’s Madness, where characters, now legends in their own right, confront King Ironheart and his dark ambitions. Finally, in The Lion’s Den, the champions will brave the three kingdoms and journey to the hall of the high king to discover the true fate of High King Ardlanth.

Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt is the first of three stories that decide the fate of Arcadia as a whole. Players begin by  creating their character, with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. They then embark on their first Quest. The system is fast paced and remarkably easy to learn. Arcadia is wild romp through unexplored territory, where you’ll not only learn the truth about Arcadia but also discover the origins of changelings and their fantastic realm. This dark fairy tale is the very soul of the World of Darkness and much is revealed through its course.

  • Quick and easy startup. One 15 card Character Pack and one 15 card Story Pack are all you need to start playing.
  • Characters can gain experience and advance as they play out their adventures.
  • The rules are easy to learn, yet diverse and challenging to play.
  • Quest cards can be combined to create epic challenging adventures, or played individually, for a quick fun game.

4 thoughts on “The story of Arcadia

  1. Wow, this is a great find. I don’t know how I missed that the last time I searched the usenet archives! It is indeed a pity that does not go back to 1996. I don’t remember what exactly was on White Wolf’s website about Arcadia, but I remember they did have quite a lot of information.


    • Glad to be of service :). Hopefully this will keep you happy, since I don’t have time now to write the post you want me to write ;-). See you in a few days!


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