One Quest: A 2-Player Variant

In this variant, both players pursue the same Quests in every game, and pursue the Quests in order. We started playing Arcadia in this way mostly to have a richer story line to our games, so that in each game we both do not pursue random Quests, but are on an ongoing campaign. We have only tested this with King Ironheart’s Madness Quests (since Herr Marmaduke has nearly all the The Wyld Hunt cards), and then only with those mentioned below. This is an ongoing experiment; I’ll update this post whenever we complete another Quest. Any feedback is most welcome!

King Ironheart's MadnessFollowing to The Legend of Arcadia solo variant, you could play on the entire map of Ardenmore or Middlemarch, though we have not done so. Instead we have placed Leagues during Setup, as usual. We have sometimes increased the Leagues to 6 each (instead of 5), to give each other a little more chance to avoid each other, but we could not come to a conclusion what we preferred.

In order to make this work, and in order to create a bit of variety, we have slightly modified some Quests, as detailed below. Pursuing the same Quests in the way we did leads to some variety of game styles. In some Quests (like III – The Dark Yeoman’s Dream Test), you interact little or not at all. In others (like I – Border Run) you race against each other. But in others (like VII – Dark Yeoman’s Quest: Cog Refinery Spill) you have to cooperate and play against a common pool of Waylays to achieve your goal, while in others (like II – Hunted! and V – Dark Yeoman’s Quest: Jacko D’Rakk) you get a mixture of both styles: these Quests require you to cooperate initially, before you can turn on each other.

A few general rules:

  • If a Quest specifies that a specific League needs to be placed by your opponent after all Leagues have been placed, start with this League instead, and then take turns placing the remaining Leagues around it.
  • If there are two such Leagues mentioned in the Quest, one player places the first, the other the second, not adjacent, but anywhere on a “grid” that will be filled in with the other Leagues.
  • Characters may encounter each other, as in the rules. But if your opponent loses the Test you have chosen, instead of exhausting one of her Merits of your choice, you may steal a Treasure that is needed to complete a Quest from her (no other Treasures can be stolen in this way). Treasures that are thus stolen retain their exhausted state (i.e., if you steal an exhausted Treasure it is not automatically unexhausted).
  • You can only encounter another Character if there is no Waylay (of any kind) on your current League.
  • Gord’s Knot (a Waylay from The Wyld Hunt) can be played on a Treasure needed to complete a Quest immediately after your opponent gains such a Treasure. This Waylay counts towards the opponent’s Quest Waylay rating.
  • A Character who carries a Treasure needed to complete a Quest, may never discard it when losing a Test, though he may chose to leave it on the current League instead, where it can then be recovered like any Quest Treasure. When your Character needs to exhaust a Merit and only has an (exhausted) Treasure needed to complete a Quest, he is returned to Base Camp (or another League of your opponent’s choice, according to the official rules), and leaves that Treasure on the League where he was defeated.

Here is how we modified the Quests to make them work when both players pursue them simultaneously:

I – Border Run

Your opponent must select a Border League you have to travel to (which cannot be the same League that you select for him).

II – Hunted!

Ignore the moving of Mirron. The 3 Waylays should be placed around the Mirron League, and will move to whomever is closest (or to whoever has the most unexhausted Merits, if there is a tie). One of these 3 Waylays must be of a 4 rating or more; the other two of at least 3.

III – The Dark Yeoman’s Dream Test

The Base Camp of both players is Mirron.

IV – Dark Yeoman’s Quest: King of the Hill

General Electric’s workshop is in the Garden District. One player places the Anthill, the other the Garden District, and places General Electric and the Shrink Lamp on that League. Only when he is defeated can the Shrink Lamp be recovered.

To complete the final Resolve Trial, the Shrink Lamp needs to be exhausted. If you fail the Resolve Trial, you will have to unexhaust the Shrink Lamp first, before you can attempt the Resolve Trial again.

V – Dark Yeoman’s Quest: Jacko D’Rakk

Characters can try to defeat Jacko D’Rakk together, if they desire: to do so, they should both be on Jacko’s Bog, and combine their Might values to attempt to defeat him in a Combat Test. Use the Jacko D’Rakk Waylay (who has a Combat of 8 and a Savvy of 7; though this is a Savvy Waylay, you need to defeat him in a Combat Test.) If they are defeated, both exhaust a Merit. If they win, the two characters engage in a Resolve Test. The victor gains the Blood Key. Roll the dice: the player with the lowest roll may move next.

When Jacko D’Rakk is defeated in this way, each Character gains 1 experience, provided one of the Characters returns the Blood Key to his or her Base Camp (for which that Character gains an additional 1 experience). If no Character is able to return the Blood Key to his Base Camp, no one wins the Quest, and both Characters will have to undertake it again, before continuing to the next Quest.

If Jacko D’Rakk is defeated by a single Character, whoever returns to Blood Key to Base Camp gains 2 experience.

The Blood Key is not carried over to the next Quest.

VI – Dark Yeoman’s Quest: Decoy

The Base Camp of both players is not Mirron. Each Character has their own Cog Waylay they have to draw to their own base camp. We made it a Savvy Waylay of 4 (instead of 3) to make it a little more challenging, as both our Characters are strong in Savvy.

VII – Dark Yeoman’s Quest: Cog Refinery Spill

Both players will have to cooperate to blow up the Refinery. The Base Camp for both is Mirron. Increase the Waylay rating of this Quest for each player by 3. Each player selects Waylays matching the Quest Waylay Rating, as usual, but then these Waylays for both players are shuffled into a single pile. Each time a Character moves into a new League, or does not rest, draw the top card from these Waylays. If the Waylay drawn cannot be played on the current League, draw another one until you can play one.

To blow up the Refinery, both Characters need to be on the Refinery League together, and collectively pass a Resolve trial of 10 (add their Resolve values, and roll 1 dice) . The rest of the Quest remains as it is. If successful, both Characters gain 1 experience.

On this Quest, Arts normally targeted at opponents, may be used against creature Waylays, where applicable.



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