House rules for some cards

Some Waylays can be disastrous for a Character—you can’t retreat from them and if you are unlucky with your rolls (or weak in the attribute they test) you can lose all your Merits within a few turns. Other Waylays don’t specify what happens in certain circumstances or are ambiguously worded. In this post, I list our house rules for a few common Waylays. Most of these we have implemented to prevent a Character from being stuck on a League for turns on end, or to make the game more fair, by finding a solution that fits the nature of the Waylay.

Smog Cloud

Smog Cloud & Dystopian Maze (KIM), and Maze (TWH)

All three Waylays remain on the League, even when defeated, as detailed on the cards. If you defeated the Waylay and move out of that League on your next turn, you will not need to face this Waylay again, but if you were defeated (or had a stalemate), or if you stay in that League one more turn (to recover a Quest Treasure, for example) you will need to face the Waylay again. You can not rest on a League that has any of these Waylays.

If you get stuck on a League with one of these Waylays for 3 turns, your opponent may move you to any adjacent League of his choice on the fourth turn (which counts as your movement for that turn; you can encounter another Waylay on that new League); you will then not have to exhaust a Merit.

Autumn Plague

Worn Out

Autumn Plague (TWH) & Worn Out (KIM)

The card text does not specify whether you have to exhaust another Merit whenever you retest and fail again to overcome it. We have decided you do not need to do so. Suffering a -1 penalty on Tests or Trials is bad enough, and you do not grow weaker by trying to overcome your weariness or sickness (as exhausting an additional Merit would imply).

Polluted Water

Polluted Water (KIM)

When your encounter with this Waylay ends in a stalemate, we have decided, you do not need to retest against this Waylay and can move on to another League in your next turn (as drinking a little polluted water alone would not hold you up) but you will suffer -1 only on whatever Test or Trial (including Terrain Trials) you have to face the next turn.

If you later again move into a League with the Polluted Waylay on it, you will have to pass the Test again; if you fail, and have not recovered from the previous time you failed it, you will suffer an additional -1 on all Test and Trials.

Assembly Line

Assembly Line (KIM)

Loosing one of both Tests is a stalemate. A stalemate on one, and a win on the other is a stalemate. Losing both is a defeat.

Loosing the Might Test requires you to exhaust a Merit. Once you’ve passed the Might Test, but failed the Resolve Test, you do not need to pass the Might Test again in later turns.


Capsized (KIM)

If one of the two tests is a stalemate and the other a win, the result is a stalemate.


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