Favored by Ali’i — Card Notes

Favored by Ali'iFavored by Ali'i

Exhaust Ali’i to unexhaust up to 6 points of Arts

Who is this Ali’i?

Well, Ali’i is not a person. It is a type of fae. Like the Kokua, the Ali’i are Menehune, a group of fae that are associated with the South Pacific Islands, and particularly Hawai’i. The Kokua are warriors, but the Ali’i are the nobles, the equivalent of the Sidhe among the “Western” fae. Here is how they are described in Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill (page 130):

Like the sidhe, ali’i are born to rule. Unlike the sidhe, they rarely let this go to their heads. They are fair and wise rulers, realizing fully the circle of life and the contributions of commoners. […] The ali’i are the bearers of the Menehune’s Glamour, which they call mana. Instead of balefire, ceremonies and feasts during the yearly Makahiki games [during the annual harvest festival] invest the ali’i with Glamour, which they apportion to the people throughout the year until the next Makahiki.

In other words, when the Ali’i favour you, you are able to recover a lot of Arts, because the Ali’i award Glamour, which the Arts depend on.


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