Arts of Arcadia

[This is the last in a series of post on the Arts in Arcadia. Read this post for context and the variant rules that are referred to below.]

In this post I list the Arts unique to Arcadia. (Or rather, they were unique to Arcadia at the time of publishing: a version of Skycraft was later included in Blood-Dimmed Tides.)

There are four such Arts: Imagery, Skycraft, Earthcraft, and The Human Art (the last two are names I made up, since they are never named). Skycraft and Earthcraft are unique to King Ironheart’s Madness. The Human Art is unique to The Wyld Hunt.


imageryImagery is the only Art unique to Arcadia that is actually named in the rules. This was already introduced in The Wyld Hunt, but only identified in the rules for King Ironheart’s Madness, since Naga Characters (which were introduced in that same set) can either start with extra Pyretics or Imagery Arts, depending on their gender. This, and “the Human Art” mentioned below, makes me think that the creators of Arcadia had plans to work more with the types of Arts in future sets as well.

Note: I do not have a copy of Chameleon, and I haven’t found any images of it online. I assume it is Imagery, but I haven’t been able to check this.

Mirror, Mirror *

You may spend a turn and consult your reflection for advice. Exhaust this Art and roll a die: 1 – You miss your next turn. 2 – The next Day you will move 1 League in the direction of your opponent’s choice. 3 – Your opponent can instantly relocate 1 of your Treasures to another League. He chooses the Treasure and the new League. 4 – You can skip 1 League the next Day. 5 – One of your Treasures of your choice is moved to your current League. 6 – You may take two Days in a row. (TWH)

Chameleon **

Exhaust this Art to adopt the mask of your surroundings. If another character or Waylay is in your League that Day, you may exhaust a Savvy Ability to hide. As long as you’re hiding you cannot be encountered by another character or a Waylay. Once you move to another League, this effect ends. (TWH)

Doppelganger ***

Exhaust this Art and a Might Ability to duplicate the opponent you’re facing. Your attributes are now the same as his. This effect lasts for 1 Test only. You may not use other Merits to affect the outcome of this Test. (TWH)

Red Herring ****

Exhaust to move one of your opponent’s Quest Treasures to another League. This must be played as your opponent is recovering the Treasure. (KIM)

Mirage *****

Exhaust as another character enters a League. That character must now pass a Might Trial difficulty 6 before they can enter that League. Mirage remains until the character succeeds or 3 Days pass, whichever comes first. (KIM)


skycraftSkycraft manipulates the weather, and particularly wet weather (rains, storms, etc.). These Arts are all targeting your opponent, and mostly attempt to detain him for some time. This Art is not named in Arcadia, but was later included in Blood-Dimmed Tides, where it is particularly associated with the oceans. It is described there as follows (page 80):

Since the dawn of time, mankind has made offerings to the gods before undergoing an aquatic journey of any sort. The changelings who know Skycraft protect it well, as they understand the power of this potent Art. Masters of Skycraft can control the storms that whip the seas into their frenzy, and through this, the lives of whoever may be travelling there.

The cantrips given in that book do not correspond to the Art cards of Arcadia, and the Arcadia version of Skycraft is not restricted to the oceans (see Flood). But you could make this an Art for Selkie and Mer.

There are only 3 such Arts, all in King Ironheart’s Madness  (and all are illustrated by the same artist, Andrew Kudelka). This is the least balanced set of Art cards: there are no 1, 2, or 3 point Skycraft Arts, and two 4 point Arts.


Flood ****

Exhaust to move your opponent 2 Leagues in the direction of your choice. The opponent may not be Waylaid on the new League until his next Day. (KIM)

Tempest ****

Exhaust to cause another character to miss his next 2 Days. That character may make a Might Trial difficulty 7 to attempt to negate this Art. If he passes he is unaffected. (KIM)

Storm Clouds *****

Exhaust to force another character to make a Resolve Trial difficulty 6 in order to leave their current League. Storm Clouds remain until the character succeeds or 3 Days pass, whichever comes first. (KIM)


earthcraftThis Art is not named in Arcadia and has no counterpart in Changeling. I have named it Earthcraft, parallel to Skycraft, since all these Arts manipulate the earth—such as moving Leagues or changing the nature of a League. All of these appear in King Ironheart’s Madness. There are no 1, or 2 point Arts of this type.


Side Track ***

Exhaust to move another character’s Base Camp to another location on the map for the duration of the Quest. The Base Camp may not be moved more than 3 Leagues in any direction, and must meet Terrain requirements as normal. (KIM)

Insight ****

Exhaust to ignore the Enter or Leave Trial on any one League. (KIM)

Earthquake ****

Exhaust to cause any one League to change its terrain type. Pick a new League card at random and replace the League you wish to change with it; Terrain requirements are ignored. Any Waylays or characters on the affected League remain there. (KIM)

Earthshape *****

Exhaust to move a League to another location on the map. The new location must meet normal terrain matching requirements. The League will remain there for 3 Days, then return to its original location. (KIM)

Schism ******

Exhaust to completely separate 1 League from the map. This League is put to the side, but is still in play. Roll a die to determine the number of days until the League rejoins the map, 1-3: 1 Day, 4-5: 2 Days, 6: 3 Days. If the character can fly, has a mount that can fly, or uses the Art Flicker Flash, he may Enter or Leave the separated League, or he may travel directly over the resulting gap in the map.

The Human Art

human-artAt the beginning of the Resurgence, when the barriers between this world and Arcadia were briefly down, Sidhe from Arcadia swapped places with human mortals (see here for more on this). These human residents of Arcadia—the “Arcadian Mortals”—gained some special powers that the fae themselves had never encountered. As explained in Dreams and Nightmares (page 59): From time to time, a changeling returns from a quest for Arcadia with tales of humans possessing incredible powers. Such stories are thought to refer to Arcadian mortals, the humans who traded places with the sidhe and developed powers to rival the abilities of true fae. Although no one can say for certain what these powers might be, clearly they would hve to be prodigious to allow mortals to hold their own against faeries in the homeland of the Kithain. As no changeling has been to Arcadia since the time of Resurgence, there’s no way to confirm or deny these rumors.

Well, in Arcadia these are first named. There are 3 Arts in The Wyld Hunt that can only be used by Human Characters (“Only Humans may take this Art” says each of these cards). I have no idea what this Art is called, and the three Arts are very different in nature, so it is difficult to give it a name other than the bland name “The Human Art”, but that is the best I can do for now 🙂 . If you have any information about this Art, please leave a comment! There are no Arts of this type in King Ironheart’s Madness.

Dreaming *

Only Humans may take this Art. You may exhaust this Art and spend a Day to move 3 Leagues in any direction. You are not affected by Terrain Trials on your destination League and you completely skip the first two Leagues. (TWH)

Creativity **

Only Humans may take this Art. You may exhaust this Art and 1 Savvy Ability to change any Waylay Test you’re facing to any other Test of your choice (a Combat Waylay can be changed to a Savvy Waylay, a Resolve Waylay to a Might Waylay, etc.) You may even change a Waylay into something it could not normally be. If you do this the rating for its new Attribute will be 1. (TWH)

Wanderlust ***

Only Humans may take this Art. Exhaust this Art and 1 Resolve Ability to move any 1 Waylay to any other League in play. Normal Terrain conditions no longer apply to the Waylay being moved. (TWH)


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