A Magical Realm

Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt add from InQuest #15 (July 1996).


5 thoughts on “A Magical Realm

  1. This claim that you only need one of each pack to start the game is a gross exaggeration. I bought 2 of each pack to play with my partner so 4 in total. I mentioned in my other comment that there were a lot of doubles in the two story packs. We set up the game but 1) the characters we created with the cards were totally unbalanced 2) it was very difficult to create a board with the league cards because many of them could not be placed next to each other 3) there were not enough waylay points for the quests we had 3) the quests require cards that were not included in any of the packs I bought.
    But the art is really cool and the cards have a narrative feel which I like. It is possible I’ll buy more cards if I find some cheap ones on ebay. But this is not a good start.


  2. Yes, I agree. Two packs per person is really not enough to play a proper game of Arcadia, and I think that marketing slogan probably did more harm than good for the game, for the reasons you list. I think KIM is probably more prone to this than TWH, especially regarding the Leagues since there is a greater variety of terrain on those Leagues (and quite a few common ones that are only Wasteland, Marsh, or City (which means they can only border Wasteland, Marsh, or City).

    You are right, though, about the narrative aspect of the cards. The basic game does not exploit this potential enough, to be honest, but you can easily do so yourself. My friend Marmaduke (the other author on this blog) has developed a role-playing variant for Arcadia that does this wonderfully (and that I hope he will, at last, post about very soon ;-)).

    Regarding the specific cards required by Quests: you can generally replace these with other cards without great effect (as the Quest cards themselves suggest), though it is a poor substitute. This is one of the flaws of the distribution of these cards, since many of the special cards you require for Quests are rare. Once you are familiar with the game, it isn’t that difficult to create your own Quests, based around the cards you do have.

    Regarding the distribution of cards: it is not very uncommon to have this many duplicates (I’ve even had duplicates within the same pack!), but it does sound like you were especially unlucky.


  3. To Darkyeoman: I have some drafts of posts. I’ll try to get those ready, but they won’t be the post you are waiting for. That post will take more time, which I’m short of at the moment.


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