The basic rules of Arcadia are simple—they fit on just 4 cards that were included in each pack (1 in the Character Packs, 3 in the Story Packs). The “official” optional rules allows for a few additional types of play (including solo), but do not modify these rules all that much. Fans of the game, however, have developed several variants, including some for additional ones for solo play, for which there is a separate page.

Here I will list and link to all the multi-player variants of Arcadia that I know. If you have created or know of any additional variants or house rules, please post them below in the comments!

House Rules and Comments on Rules

Using 10-sided dice

This variant, developed by Herr Marmaduke, uses 10-sided dice instead of 6-sided dice, and follows, as far as possible, the rules from Changeling: The Dreaming for Tests and Trials. I have only played a few games with these rules, but recommend it! Lots of fun.

One Quest

This is a 2-player variant I developed, in which both players pursue the same Quests, at the same time, in order, to tell the story of Arcadia. There is some variety in game play—some Quests require you to cooperate with your opponent, some pit you against each other. So far, I have only posted details about (some) Quests of King Ironheart’s Madness (since we have not yet played the rest with this variant), but it should not be too difficult to develop this further, for the other Quests.

Into the Unknown

This variant was developed as a solo variant, but could easily be adapted for 2-player games (see the discussion in the comments to that post). In this variant, you build a map of Arcadia while you travel through its Leagues, rather than doing so at the beginning of the game.

Diceless Play

Here are some rules (created in 1996) for playing Arcadia without any dice at all.